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Ice Control Spreaders

When temperatures dip down and wet weather conditions become icy, Shade Equipment can help ensure that the surfaces on which you walk and drive are safe. We are the leading ice control spreader dealer in the area, and our mission is to help keep your sidewalks, driveways, roads and highways ice-free and clear on which to walk or drive. Put a snow plow on front of your vehicle to complete the package.

Some of the types of Ice Control Spreader products we offer:

  • Tailgate Spreaders – Distribute salt, chemicals, or other de-icing materials onto roads in a precise clockwise or counter-clockwise spinning motion while you drive, to improve tire traction on slick surfaces. Offered to you in low or high profile, depending upon the visibility you seek, and in electric or engine driven varieties.
  • Hitch-Mounted Spreaders – Similar to Tailgate Spreaders, except that they mount on hitches.
  • Hopper Spreaders – Available in stainless steel or polyethylene, these spreaders may be inserted in vehicles from pickups to flatbeds to dump trucks in varying lengths and cubic yards, to distribute salt or other de-icing materials onto the road behind you while you drive.
  • Walk-Behind Sidewalk Spreaders – Helps de-ice walkways, sidewalks or driveways, by spreading smaller quantities of salt or de-icing materials by pushing the cart on foot.
  • Liquid Dispensing Anti-Ice Spreaders—To pre-treat roads and highways in order to lessen the accumulation of ice before they become impassable.

De-icing your sidewalks and roads become simple tasks, when you have the proper equipment with which to tackle them. As an ice control spreader dealer that is passionate about their products, Shade Equipment will make every effort to provide you with the perfect ice control product for your personal or professional needs.

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