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Salt Spreaders for Those in Frederick, Clarke, Loudoun, Rockingham, Augusta & Surrounding Cities

salt spreaders Shade Equipment is a full service residential and commercial outdoor equipment dealer that is known throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for having a huge selection of salt spreaders, cub cadet mowers and other equipment for outdoor industries. With customer service that is second to none, our family owned and operated business was founded in 1947, and today, we represent and distribute equipment for close to 50 of the top outdoor power equipment manufacturers in the world.

Many people don’t realize that, in addition to our agricultural salt spreaders, our line of salt spreaders also includes many models that are designed specifically for ice control applications. Our residential and commercial customers count on our snow and ice removal equipment to keep roads, driveways, walkways and other areas safe and ice-free as the first snowflakes of the season begin to fall.

Our chemical spreaders dispense salt and/or de-icing chemicals and are perfect for ice management. Spreaders include:

  • Walk behind models such as broadcast and drop spreaders
  • Tailgate spreaders for trucks, tractors, SUV’s and other vehicles
  • Hopper spreaders, which are most often used for commercial ice handling purposes
  • Under-tailgate spreaders for dump trucks
  • Liquid applicators used to pre-treat roads and pavement to prevent ice and snow accumulation

Owners of cub cadet mowers are always happy to find out that snow blade kits are available for many models that can turn mowers into awesome snow plows. With a snow plow attachment, your mower can easily handle snow removal on asphalt and other paved areas of your property. You’ll also be able to help neighbors if they’re snowed in during a snow storm.

Professional landscapers and lawn mowing companies can add to their incomes during the winter months by using many of our mowers as snow plows. They can also use the same broadcast chemical spreaders they use for fertilizing in the summer for de-icing sidewalks and driveways during the winter. If you live in Frederick, Clarke, Loudoun, Rockingham, Augusta or the surrounding cities, contact us today to learn more about our equipment or stop by one of our conveniently located stores.

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